About NowMedia



NowMedia is a hyper-local digital media platform for our communities to get the information that they need. It doesn’t matter which NowMedia platform you follow, we provide readers with relevant news, sports, events, weather, contests and much more. We are the go-to source for locals because of our positive approach to delivering the information people need to know. We also provide lifestyle content that showcases how interesting, creative and inspiring our communities are.

We take pride in starting conversations on meaningful topics and shining a positive light on issues to make change happen.

We are committed to being a reliable, honest and positive platform, and with a passionate team of journalists, reporters, photographers and videographers, we will always provide the stuff that matters.


Our Hiring Process


This is not your typical media job. We have a passionately engaged team who has the flexibility to write about their interests but at the same time collaborate and contribute to creating great content by telling the stories of our community; the stories that matter.



If inside you are saying “Hell Yeah!” please continue…

Open Positions

Admin Assistant

A task-person. A yes-person. A person not afraid to learn new things.


A driven, motivated and creative individual who understands and appreciates our brand voice